Kulturnatten på Nørre Allé 7

12 okt


12.10.2018, 18:00 til 23:30
Gratis med kulturpas
An ambitious program with privilege walks, confession box, human library, film, food workshop, photo shows, lectures, and concerts.

Did you know that The World Culture Centre houses more than 20 creative and dedicated organizations? Love and human rights are at the core of all of them, and during the Cultural Night they will explore these concepts by presenting a programme filled with engaging activities and thought-proviking events:

♥ Theatre: Kosmos
⏰ 18.00-18.30
An outdoor performance featuring theatre, dance, comedy, 
masks, giant puppets, and live music.
by Sun & Moon Ensemble // Kosmos-Maria Lexa

♥ Food workshop: Make your own sambusa
⏰ 18.00-20.00
Fill, fold and fry: Fadimo makes the most delicious Somali sambusas, and on this night only, she will give away her tweaks and tricks.
by Send Flere Krydderier Verdenskulturcentret

♥ The Human Library
⏰ 18.00-21.00
Instead of books, real people with personal stories and
experiences are on loan to readers. 
by Menneskebiblioteket

♥ Bare fordi at (Debate in Danish)
⏰ 18.30-19.30
Forfatteren Knud Lindholm Lau præsenterer bogen Bare fordi at: sprog og forestillinger i udlændingedebatten. 
by SOS Racisme Danmark

♥ Photo exhibition: Love Across Borders
⏰ 19.00-22.00
Their love for each other is so great that it crosses borders - but it exists in spite of lacking rights, recognition and opportunities in the Danish society.
by Verdens kvinder i Danmark supported by Nørrebro Lokaludvalg

♥ Privilege Walk
⏰ 19.30-20.00
Check your privileges in this social experiment and gain awarenes and understanding that might make you shift your perspective.
by CKI Kunst Og Interkultur

♥ Film + Artist Talk: Sea of sorry - Sea of Hope
⏰ 20.00-21.30
Manal is forced to leave Syria. Once in safety, she plans to send for her children. As she learns that she must wait three years, Manal contacts 'an agent' to reunite the family. But first they must cross the sea...
by Salaam Film & Dialog

♥ Learn Belly Dance
⏰ 20.00+21.00
Experience one of the most beautiful exercise venues in Copenhagen and learn this ancient and intriguing dance.
by Mavedans/orientalsk dans - Suzzane Sofia Potempa

♥ Nours Musikcafé
⏰ 22.00-22.30
The Syrian guitarist Nour Amora invites musical playmates to the stage.
by Nours Musikcafé

♥ Afterparty: Feminist DJ jam
⏰ 22.30-00.00
Latin american roots and club beats that will rock your body.
by Las Dj Collective + Kapow Collective

♥ WANTED: New and norm-breaking voices
⏰ All night
Recommend a norm-breaking expert and contribute to a wider representation of women and minorities in the Danish media and cultural scene.

♥ Confession Booth: What is Home to You?
⏰ All night
Take a break from the busy Culture Night and step inside the confession booth and contemplate on the concepts of home and belonging.
by Emergency Architecture & Human Rights

♥ Exhibition: Life in Brøndby Strand
⏰ All night
Photo and video testimonies documenting the life and dreams of youngsters in the Copenhagens suburbs.
by Turning Tables