Body Landscapes week 2

10 okt


10.10.2017, 13:00 til 13.10.2017, 23:00
Workshop and performances by Rahman Hak-Hagir (Austria) and Yong Sun Gullach (Korea) during the International Performance Art Festival

During the second week of Body Landscapes festival, we will meet Rahman Hak-Hagir and Yong Sung Gullach. Rahman is an half Afghan, half Austrian, artist who examines his own position as a migrant of second generation, and tries to develop his identity from two different aesthetics, the Arab and the European. Yong is a Korean artist, based in Denmark, and her consideration of migration centres around the body as a fundamental feature. Her performances focus on topics such as transnational adoption. From Tuesday to Thursday, they will offer us a workshop at KoncertSalen of VKC. This workshop will finish with a performance session during the KulturNat 2017, on Friday 13th of October.

It is free to participate in the workshops, but there are a limited number of tickets. 

You can follow their process by check out the hashtags of the social networks: #bodylandscapes2017 #rahmanhakhagir #yongsungullach