Afrimuda dance and drum workshop

  • Photo: Gaby Manzur
24 jun


24.06.2017, 11:00
50 DKK
Join Afrimuda in this fun and powerful drum and dance workshop

Afrimuda is a music and dance foundation from Ghana, which tours Denmark with nine of its finest African drummers and dancers including the able director, Mr. Zie. 

On Saturday, the 24th the troupe is conducting a drumming and dancing workshop that will help you exercise your waist and other parts of your body to ensure maximum blood flow that will make you feel good within your system. The workshop takes three hours.

The term Afrimuda, is simply an acronym of African music and dance. The foundation was established with the aim of helping the vulnerable youth in and around Cape Coast to attain a better life through arts and culture. Through music and dance, the Foundation is able to attract its target groups including school drop outs, the destitute youth among others to acquire some entrepreneurial skills to cope with contemporary challenges.

The theme for this summer tour is The Hope Tour members of Afrimuda are hoping for a better life.