The World Culture Centre

  • Photo: Gabriela Manzur
The World Culture Centre is working to give Copenhagen an intercultural edge with music, film, dance, spoken word and more...

The World Culture Centre provides a creative platform for various inter-cultural and social activities. In close collaboration with the ethnic cultural life of Copenhagen, we host and organize cultural events such as multi-cultural festivals, lectures, art-exhibitions, concerts, debates, screenings and conferences.

From Idea to Action

Do you have an idea for a project or an event? The World Culture Centre can help you make it happen. Based on your needs and ressources, we can provide technical and administrative support or advise on project planning, assist with your fundraising effforts, co-produce events etc.

Use our Facilities

If you need a place for a project or an event, you can use one of our venues. All we request is that your event is free and open to the public, and that it fits with the values of the World Culture Centre.

Start an Association or Network

The World Culture Centre can also help you start an association, organization or network. We can guide you in how to set up the judicial framework for your association, explain how to constitute a board and elect a chairman etc. We also offer courses on how to develop an association or network.